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SecurityHouse is an intenational company propviding IT and Cyber Security services with the necessary tools and expertise to help keep your environment more adaptive, smarter and safer. It aims to provide cyber security services with top-quality experts in Estonia and in the EU. Our mission is to reduce external dependecies of EU in Cyber Security sector by designing and developing Cyber Security Products.


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SecurityHouse SERVICES

Testing Services

SecurtiyHouse provides testing services specifically in the following areas:

  • Penetration Tests
  • APT Tests
  • Espionage Tests
  • Social Engineering Testing
  • DoS/DDoS Testing
  • Malware Analysis

Solution Design and Development

We examine the problems to create a solution by merging the custormer and technical teams viewpoints perfectly. This methodology enables us to escape from single aspect systems engineering and create solutions that are better harmonized to the todays fast pacing world.

We provide solutions for Cyber Security, Smart Systems and B2B-B2C solutions


We provide consultancy services in the following areas:

  • General Security Consultancy
  • Enterprise Security Controls
  • ISO Standards Compliance Consultancy
  • Personal Data Protection
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Fraud Analysis
  • Digital Forensics
  • Secure Code Analysis
  • Smart City and IOT
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Managed Security Services

SecurtiyHouse provides monitoring, alerting and protection services for its clients via:

  • Security Operation Center (SOC) Services
  • Advanced Threat Intelligence Service
  • Scrubbing Service


Having a strong background and long path of experience, our staff, aims to help increase information security awareness among businesses and train people to protect their information and systems from unwanted interventions. SecurtiyHouse provides training in and not limited to the following areas:

  • Information Security Awareness Courses
  • Advanced Cyber Security Courses
  • ISO27001 Application Training
  • ISO27001 Lead Auditor Training
  • Secure Coding Courses
  • ISO Compliance Trainings

Smart Cities

We provide intelligent and efficient information and communication technologies and infrastructures that provide an improved service delivery and quality of life. Therefore we help create more sustainable environments within human life areas.